Friday, 7 June 2013


June 4 - Snake!  :)

In April I asked aloud, "Why are we doing this?" No one really had an answer. In May I only asked myself on steep climbs, "Why am I hiking?" Now, a month later, I just hike. 

Hike. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. My world.  It's funny how we acclimatize to something. Even when it's hard. I am now a hiker. Or am I?

Today was an easy day. It's easy to be philosophical when one is not being overly challenged. 

When McGyver and I started out, there was a lot of angst. I kept my trail guide in the backpack mesh pocket and was constantly pulling it out to check it so we wouldn't get lost. Blazes were not as regular as we were led to believe and we were confused a lot. 

Now, following the trail is second nature. It's unconscious. You instinctively know where it is. Blazes are in the corner of your eye (if that), and you don't sweat it if you don't see one for a half hour. We have become part of the trail. 

The titular snake was a 4 foot black snake just playing possum at the edge of the trail. Totally harmless. He didn't move and he had a very small head. I liked the way his body was so subtle. Many black curves as he lay in the oak leaves.

A nice day on the trail. 

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