Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Gronk happy!

He sent this self portrait on May 31. It was titled, "Having fun so far today!"

I heard from him for about one minute on Monday, as he had one bubble for a signal but only 40% battery left on his phone. He hopes to charge the phone on Wednesday at a store where he plans to resupply with food, and then keep hiking for Pearisburg VA, where he will then take a room and wash up and rest.

I am pretty sure by now, he has completed 500 miles, even taking into account the 75 that he missed. With that in mind:


  1. Pearisburg will be 630 miles of the A.T. . Thats a lot of walking up and down Mts. Good going Gronk !!

  2. Congrats, Gronk, on passing the 500 mile mark. The beard looks like it is well established. Carry on!!!!


  3. Keep on trucking - I'm looking forward to the next posting.
    I tried the YouTube link but it appears to be blocked in the U.S.

    1. That's odd - I thought things were only blocked in Canada! It's just the Proclaimers' song "I would Walk 500 Miles." Just for fun.

  4. Hi Peter, nice picture of you, you are looking very well, happy and healthy. This adventure is doing you a lot of good. Congratulations on passing the 500 mile mark, what a amazing goal to reach. Keep on Trucking. Looking forward to hearing from you soon with more details of your wonderful adventure. Take care.