Saturday, 8 June 2013

Pearisburg, VA

June 8 - Zero day in Pearisburg

Working on lightening my load, I went through the pack and made a pile of the stuff I didn't use this last week. It was mostly clothes. I did use my rain jacket but I had a lighter Sil-nylon jacket in my bounce box which I picked up at the Post Office. AND my Amazon package was there too!

Back in Marion VA, I ordered an external battery pack after reading reviews on line for eight different models. I gave Amazon the general delivery address for Pearisburg and accepted it. I got free delivery, too as it cost just the right amount to qualify, $39.99. It will allow me to recharge my phone about three times while in the woods between towns. 

So now I have two bounce boxes. The heavier rain gear is in a separate one just in case I find I need it. I hope the warmer weather means I won't need it. 

I spent the day doing chores and relaxing, although I did walk 4.2 miles up to and back from Wally World [Editor note: this means WalMart - I didn't know and had to ask!] looking for waterproof tape. 

The next section is remarkably like the last one. It's 97 miles with a grocery store/grill 23 miles away from the next town stay, which will be Daleville. I have five days of food and expect to be in Daleville on either the seventh or eight day.  I'll be heading out tomorrow. 

The "Stickpic" attached to the camera allows the camera to be attached to the end of a hiking pole, thus allowing the hiker to make a video of himself all alone in the woods (as in the previous blog post). The "New Trent" is an external portable battery charger that will allow the phone to be recharged when there are no electrical outlets around.

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  1. Peter, thanks again for all the blog entries. I hope that you will find it much easier to get around now that you have lighten your load. The External Battery Pack sounds like a great addition and I am sure you will find it very useful. Amazing that Amazon delivered it to you, and free of charge. Good luck on you next part of the trail, I hope your food last five days and you get to Daleville before the food runs out. Take care.