Friday, 7 June 2013

Doing damage

June 5 - doing damage

Very easy start to this day. Lulled into a false sense of security, I even made a video for fun as I walked.  

But then the rocks began and they went on and on. I needed to resupply, as I had less than a day's food. Trent's Grocery was talked about and that was my goal, 14 miles away and a half mile off the trail. 

I finally got there after two trail magics!  The first was a case of water which was timely. But the second was obviously from a hiker. There was a cooler that had hot dog buns, ketchup and mustard, marsh mellows, baby carrots and Budweiser. Adjacent was a lighter, two rolls of tp from a four pack, a roll of duct tape and a plastic container of cinnamon hearts - solid sugar. There must've been dogs for the buns before I got there. 

Did I mention the Bud?! :)

There were three cans in semi melted ice. I cracked one and it went right down. I had passed two older day hikers a half hour up the trail and I knew they'd enjoy a cold one as we'd joked about it as I passed them. What a surprise for them! 

I got to Trent's and ordered a bacon cheese burger. I looked around and for a hiker it was sparse. Minimal. I was confused at one point when I saw tuna next to trout and thought, "Oh, trout," but then realized that it was bait - trout food to catch trout, shelved right next to people food. I bought some bars and peanuts. Ordered a second burger, retaped the feet and headed out. 

And there was Stitch! We got caught up and said our good-byes. She was staying at Trent's that night - they offered camping - and was headed to Woods Hole Hostel the next day. 

I walked back to the trail head and then another 1.8 miles into the woods before calling it a night. There was a waterfall .3 miles up the trail according to my map and I heard from my hammock, excited voices in the distance which must've come from there. It made me happy to think they were at the falls and having a good time. :)

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