Monday, 10 June 2013

June 10 storm on the AT

This morning, I got this email from Gronk:

" I'm in the middle of a huge storm. Started last night at 7. Feels like remnant of tropical storm.  High winds and gusts that change direction all the time.  Hoping my tarp won't fail. A bit scary. Am staying put for now. Hammock is taking on some water. Everything damp or wet. 

Have weak signal so will send this "

So I got on the NOAA radar and started looking locally and found that some dense rain had been pushing through, as he said.

Then, my phone rang and it was Gronk! Unfortunately, it was the kind of reception you get in horror movies, where you can only hear every third phrase from the trapped hero. "wore glasses all night ... wind ... tarp may fail ... " Then, the call failed! I am sure he will eventually be fine, but I thought this deserved an update.

This is the Blackburg VA radar now. All that green and yellow stuff was what passed through Gronk's campsite over night. From the big picture, it looks like he will get hit with some more later today too.

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