Monday, 22 April 2013

Trail names and hoot owls

Gronk made a list of trail names he remembers, so far. I am sure I don't know how he recalls them all!

Punky, Catchup, Pyro, Hiccups, Lighthouse, Blue, Bones, Shabby, Batman, Stitch, Up Early, MacGyver, and Kicking Rock, who is a trail maintainer and hiked it in 1984 and is giving back an hour in work for every hour he hiked. He's on his third rotation.

This morning, Gronk sent me a message:

Typing with numb fingers. Really cold night but looks like a beautiful day ahead. Cold in the hammock - on the bottom this time too. Don't know why. Only difference was I had wind blowing thru my house. Slept with head under quilt and wore puffy to stay warm. Had my oatmeal and a coffee so am feeling warmer. 

Hope Spring arrives for you soon. Buds are starting to come here and occasional flower but still early. Rock Kicker told us the other day if you leave early, there are no flowers but you see the views; leave later and you have lots of vegetation but no views. Think I'd trade some warmth for the occasional view tho, lol.

Crossing the border in 4 miles. Made mistake when I said it was 20 miles off. 

Haven't looked at the terrain yet but really don't need too. It's hilly!  :)

Photo is of the Plum Orchard shelter here. I hung up the hill a piece from it. Hoot owls again last night and this morning and a group of coyotes announced they  were heading out to hunt just as I got settled into the hammock. 


  1. Very cool names, I told my Mom about Peter's walk in the woods and she said her friends did it back in the 80's after they retired and their trail names were Ma and Pa. Glad Peter's spirits are still up. Staff at the Gallery ask about his travels often and I point them here! Send our best to Gronk the traveller! :)

  2. Thanks so much BamBam! I'll let him know. Julia