Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Hawk Shelter

Julia posting again. Peter arrived at Hawk Shelter on Sunday. Apparently it rained from 2 a.m. onwards and everything was damp in the morning. He texted me on Monday just before 6 p.m., as he had one bubble on his phone. He was tired and having knee "issues". I have faith that will work out as it is early yet and his body is just getting used to the work. He says everything hurts, but again, I hope that will become "normal" and he won't mind after a while. And he did say it was "still fun!" It had rained Monday morning but it was sunny when he was texting me. Here he is at Hawk Shelter: You can follow the weather all along the trail by going to the White Blaze Net.


  1. Thanks, Julia.

    I think Peter's body will adjust quickly to the new demands on it and hopefully the initial pain will soon be a distant memory.

    I appreciate the updates so please keep them coming.

    The photos are amazing and I first noticed them on Sunday afternoon.


  2. I think his body will take awhile to get used to the hard work, and then it'll get easier. I bet he's sleeping well though!

    Also, I love that he's blogging it. This way we can all live vicariously through him and not have to do it ourselves. :)

  3. Thanks Graham and Zoom! Julia.