Saturday, 20 April 2013

Over 100 kms so far

I just got a text message from Gronk. He has passed the 100 km mark, even if the U.S. still measures things in miles. It's a metric century!

He is at Sassafras Gap, logging in at 63.3 miles total for the journey. UPDATE: That means he has NOT crossed the border from Georgia into South Carolina. I got a text this morning (April 21) saying they are still in Georgia. I am not sure why I thought he has crossed state lines now -- okay, I see that I saw something on the interwebs when I Googled how to spell Sassafras that indicates there is another shelter with that name in NC and I mistook it. Anyway, it will be a big deal when they get to SC, but that won't be for another 30 miles or so and maybe two more days.

Bagging states is a big deal on the AT. Virginia is the longest stretch without crossing a state line, so it is encouraging when hikers finally cross out of VA and into WV, near Harper's Ferry. But, that's a long way away.

His feet are tired. I told him people are reading the blog and enjoying it and he said he feels bad he hasn't personally responded. But that's hard to do texting from a tiny keyboard in the woods! I also encourage you-all to check out photos at his Flickr site because I am not going to guess at which should be posted with which entry.

However, he sent me this one by iPhone:

Crazy! "Muscle Milk. Contains no milk."

He had to go because the sun was setting and he had just hung his hammock and still had to cook dinner. The temperature is dropping fast too.

I asked him how Adam was and he said "he is officially 'MacGyver' now" but didn't give me the reasons. Hey, having a MacGyver around is pretty handy, I would guess. Adam hangs out with the younger crowd at the camp sites, but that's okay because quiet is what Gronk needs. Gronk thinks that is is likely that hiking companions will change as the weeks go by, so I said, "even Doctor Who changes companions from time to time."

I checked the Hiawassee weather and it says it will be 4C tonight and 19C tomorrow, but dry! So, another good day hiking, I hope.


  1. Walking 100km with a backpack in one week is quite an achievement. I would choose dinner after a day of hiking over responding to an e-mail ;). Hope he's making a hot dinner.

  2. 1st hundred!!!
    Congratulations Peter.

  3. Wow congratulations Peter, what a great start. I am very impressed and proud of you.

  4. I hope everyone reads the update, to know that while Peter has logged the 100 kms, he is still in Georgia. That part was my mistake. But I'm still proud of him that he has walked 100 kms! Who cares what state he is in.

  5. Wow! 100 Klicks through mountains in a week,
    Congrats Peter,