Tuesday, 16 April 2013

And... we're in Georgia!

Julia here, posting an update for Peter. He has managed to send me some photos via his cell phone (I think), even out on the trail! It's amazing. Technology, that is. He got to Atlanta without any fuss. Going through security was easy. He says the guy in front of him had to remove his belt and shoes but they didn't make Peter do that. Then again, he doesn't look disreputable yet! He checked his pack because it had the hiking poles and a knife and other metal things in it, so only had a small carry-on with passport and stuff. We realized later that we forgot to pack a lunch for him so he was pretty hungry and had a headache, by the time he got to Georgia. He was picked up at the North Springs terminus of the MARTA system, with two other hikers. One of them was German and didn't speak much English, so it was handy for him that Peter was there to translate. This is the place that picked him up and will shuttle him to the trail the next morning. An interior shot. And here's Maggie, the helpful hostel dog. That's Peter's pack behind her (I am pretty sure), the smaller one with the green side pouch and the yellow shock cord. I am glad he is not toting as much as what appears to be in the pack with the red straps. He was weighing everything in grams before he left.

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