Saturday, 20 April 2013

The photostream and some kids

For those who are interested, you can go straight to Gronk's Flickr site and look at his pix there.
Nothing is labelled or sorted, so you'll have to figure them out yourself. That's half the fun!
These are just the first batch of photos from his camera. The others I have been posting on the blog for him have come from his iPhone.

Also, Adam has a friend who teaches a grade 2 class. She asked her students to write out questions they wanted to ask Adam and his hiking friend Gronk, and provide tips for them while hiking the trail. It's not my video to post but I can tell you, it sure is cute.

Tip: Don't forget to brush your teeth.
Q: How do you get food?

Tip: Don't brag about the thumbs to the bear. [Okay, I am not sure I transcribed that one correctly!]
Q: Did you bring your pocket knife?

Tip: Have a good time.
Q: How often do you shower?

Tip: Make sure the bears don't sneak into your tent.
Q: Is "Hunk" a camping name?

[She meant "Gronk" because when the camera panned to the whiteboard, on it was written, "Good luck and stay safe on your journey Mr. Adam and Gronk!"
There was another child whose turn it was after the last girl, but she whispered to the camera as it panned away, "he's in the bathroom!"]

So cute!


  1. Great stuff!!!!

    So glad to hear that things are going well after the first week.

    I am really enjoying the posts. Keep them coming.

    Best wishes.


  2. I am really enjoying these reading these entries, it makes me feel that I am there, and I am learning so much about the Trail. Peter, I hope your knees are doing better. Enjoy this wonderful adventure. I look forward to reading your next entry. Take care, Kathleen

  3. Thanks everyone for commenting! Peter will be reading the comments but may not be able to respond to them all (or any of them, depending on his internet connection.) But he surely appreciates the moral support!