Sunday, 5 May 2013

Trail tidbits

Here is Bonjour, hiking ahead of me:

Here are some Information Centre Volunteers:

Bonjour and Stich are hamming it up in front of our chosen restaurant for much needed hot food:

Also, yesterday it was so cold my Snickers bar was nearly frozen. I carry them in the hip belt and they have been my lunch each day for about a week. Yesterday's Snicker's bar was so solid I had to gnaw at it carefully (I will be getting some dental work done in the Fall) and then let it warm up in mouth before I could chew it. 

And the day before yesterday, we met a hiker from ME who said no one could match his pace -- because he was that slow. He started at Springer 10 days before I did and he was planning a zero day in the shelter because of the impending rain (that didn't begin until we got to Gatlinburg). His name, written onto the toes of his camp shoes was -- Fast Eddie.  :)


  1. Peter,

    I've tried with only one partial success to contact you before. One thing I was trying to tell you about a week ago was that we do have dogwoods in Canada; in fact they are B.C.'s floral emblem.

    The news of the day is that Art Christmas died yesterday, apparently of complications from an operation about a week ago for a bowel obstruction.


    1. RR, in the event that Gronk can't see comments (sometimes loading the website isn't that easy), I will tell him about Art. I also told him that I was wrong, and that dogwoods were the flower for BC!

      For anyone else reading the comments, Gronk knows that you are making them and he is pleased and humbled that you are all following his blog. He would like to respond to each and every comment but it just isn't feasible. So I am thanking you on his behalf.

  2. I checked your latests pictures, wow!!! Do you thing you'll ever get tired of the view.

    By the way, send me some of those fried peanuts :-)


  3. Peter, I check your blog each morning to see what you've done and where you are. Neat!