Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mountain climbing

May 26 - mountain climbing

Blisters on heels were an issue again. Terrain was nice except for the rockiness up Whitetop Mountain.

Buzzard Rock was an interesting place. Hung out there a while out of the wind and tended to feet and changed socks. 

Decided to stop for the day when I was tired and knew I could not make it over Mount Rogers and part way down other side to camp.  Did not want to be stuck on top at 5500 feet as tonight will be cold again. I'm stealth camping at just under 4900 feet on the south side. It's 5:30. The chores are done and I've had dinner. The temp is 16C and dropping. There's a cool wind blowing and the sky is overcast. I've been told tomorrow should be another fine day and no rain is expected. 

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